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Rejected Art Should Stay Rejected

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supa_frizz by Quint Baker

It is my responsibility as a controversial writer for the artbash forum to skim through an article and to keep an eye on what passes through this place... well the rejected art award is an online competition recently hoboing through here and you can as an artist for a measly what 1500 bucks ($1000 Nzd) prize winnings ? huh ? You can enter for FREE !  Well I dunno about you lot but I think that most of the entries so far of "rejected" art should have stayed rejected !


Really the Rejected Art Award really is the Bad Art Award isn't it... who here could be bothered entering and why? Why bother? Is infamy the new famy? Do you really want to be acknowledged as a reject? Did you enter under a false name (if at all possible?)...


Did these people really expect their art could be regurgitated ?


Hurry if you intend on entering, you've only got til the 8th of Halloween month REJECTS!


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cadmium hed
6 articles & 432 comments since 30 Apr 2006
Thanx for the tip Quint. You're the man. Just entered, geez, I hope they don't reject me too.
.......I...just..couldn't take it again......*
Quint Baker
29 articles & 724 comments since 20 Jul 2009
Thanks for talking to me, now I don't feel quite SOoooo rEjEcTeD
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