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IMG2081 by mr tourette

fuckyeah, the late lamented John Hurrrell is judging the 'Waikato" this year so how about running a spoiler?

Since we have a shared cultural understanding of Hurelll through artbash who do you think he will choose to winit?

I know this is peurile nonsense, as nobody has even entered yet but hey last years judge was an Aussie and an Aussie artist entered and won.

So who has Huurel stroked on the bash and over at contact lense, who will pick up the $15,000,000?


I think CNZ will win.


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6 comments since 26 Feb 2011
I think he will pick you mr tourette, but only if you truly believe that you can win it.
william blake
29 articles & 728 comments since 15 Aug 2006
I can see what you are trying to get at potty mouth; but don't you think Hurrell can rise above his prejudices (predjudi?). He has been a fair critic at eye contact and will probably take the competition at face value.

That said he does seem to have a soft spot for the sheilas, so I would bet on a chick to take it out this time. Few A-listers 'do' the "Waikato", so who is a good B-bet to enter. modernistic (with a twist) and mappish?

Sarah Hughes? 5-1 odds.
mr tourette
9 articles & 289 comments since 29 Jan 2009
mo' im not fucking well entering it cost 35 bucks and that is 35 buck down the pan, fuckers.

blake, you sexist cunt. a blokey bloke will win with a testosterone fueled cock type sculpture, DICK Frizzelll with an oak stump phallus carved with a blunt chainsaw and smeared with a virgins first menstrual blood ay?
6 comments since 26 Feb 2011
Actually William I think you would be surprized how much prejudices have to do with it! What would you expect a judge to do, judge in all directions in equal proportions? It is surprising how much prize ceremonies make sense, at some point. You only need to look at Dane Mitchell to see this. The judge was reactionary, but wasn't wrong.
william blake
29 articles & 728 comments since 15 Aug 2006

What would you expect a judge to do, judge in all directions in equal proportions?

Well, yes. otherwise it is pre judging; if an Aussie judge picks an Aussie artist to win a NZ competition is it just a case of I know what I like and I like what I know?

If you ask a pig a question the answer will be a grunt.

Perhaps the responsibility lies with whoever picks the judge. I probably wont enter this competition because Hurrell puts Ideas (with a capital I) before aesthetics, and I don't, but if they chose a judge more aligned with my own ideas of good art then I would stand a better chance of being included in the show and enter.

Speaking of Dane Mitchell, there is a review of his GBAG show in this weeks Listener about his latest work which is a riff on Suskind, trying to make perfumes of empty rooms; why not the smell of an empty art gallery, it would be quite easy. But it reminds me of a guy I went to school with, his name was Chris and he was a ginger, he also had some kind of gastric complaint so he had no friends, he took his revenge by farting in other kids Tupperware lunch boxes and making a bio hazard. There's a free one Dane.

Oh and MrT if you think im being sexist for picking SH to win wtf are you for picking Frizzell?

b'ert Homme
4 articles & 62 comments since 1 Jun 2010
I hope Hurrell has the balls to enter a map and pick himself as the winner. I can't think what else would trump the Dane Mitchell fiasco.
mr tourette
9 articles & 289 comments since 29 Jan 2009
mosshhay don't talk to that cunt Blake it only encourages him.

Blake don't fucking anecdotalize this thread.

bert, thanks for that insightful comment you fucking Muppet.
william blake
29 articles & 728 comments since 15 Aug 2006
T. your suggestion for the prize is one of the most distasteful things I have seen on Artbash, the 'anecdotalization of the thread', if you must put it in such American terms, is an attempt to offer an alternative metaphor to your lurid imagery. and I don't need any encouragement thank you.
Quint Baker
29 articles & 724 comments since 20 Jul 2009
cataract lense
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