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supa_frizz by Quint Baker

For Starters: I prefer the term "Article" rather than "New Conversation". I like to feel that I am writing an article. A mild and non-offensive conversation is not pompous enough for "I".

You must realise that at times I feel immense anger. Luckily for you, now is NOT one of those times.

Lets get into it, the only cool people around are those that spend time in the library. If you read, read poetry, write, write stuff. Use computers for practises other than games, in my BOOK then you are COOL (See that, the word 'book' and 'cool' used in the same sentence - Unbelievable!)

Today, and thus perhaps over all time, being smart is uncool. I dunno about you but dumb people get on my wick? Well yes today, sadly, in this time the education system is pumping out dumb people at an unprecedented rate! You see, pop culture insists on this. Not necessarily the institution itself is guilty, but the culture within it. Todays teenagers though they may be more than intellectually capable, it is their culture to dumb themselves down for the purpose of social status. SCARY!!! I mean come on, where is this doctrine coming from? Why are the brains (assumed) of the next generation under attack? Surely an undeveloped civilization can only be served up as the contents of a food basket for the rest of the world? 

As an example of the inadequate thought processers of the unthinking people of now and (to use a term doubly) wide spread infantile regression, this new army of slow to inflate pc clones are quite rightly appalled by such phenomena as racism. But give absolutely no thought to the presence in themselves of equally damaging ageism. Just look at the countless numbers of poor mature citizens forced to conceal their age to avoid being discriminated against on social network sites.  

Generation X at least had self-awareness. What has this generation got other than a perpetuity to slavery?

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44 comments since 21 Jan 2011
Artists shouldn't be afraid to express their opinions and feelings, ... and without reading books as a prerequisite to speak. The next generation are being moderated from their self awareness by external and mostly superficial cues. I believe this is the generation that will learn by experience, and I hope you are not suggesting that you can pick out 'dumb' from that lot Quint, I find that a 'dumb' remark. Art can't keep provoking for something to work from the inside, as each new provocation must be a bit bigger then the one preceding it, and that lacks steam by consuming more. On the other hand an artist can't be any more real then a real person, the question then becomes what isn't being allowed to exist in discussions where conscious provoking dominates?
44 comments since 21 Jan 2011
Sorry I should have said generation Y, it just sounded a bit funny is all. Hey I like your picture. Is that of an aurora? Is there any particular reason why you chose this image to accompany your article?
Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009

Did you know??? Some people do not know that the northern hemisphere experiences summer meanwhile the southern hemisphere endures winter and visa versa? We live in a
northern hemisphere dominated mindset where the populations of the northern hemisphere are completely consumed with themselves. New Zealand is about as outside as you can get. Just think
about it, I myself as many do reside outside of the main New Zealand cities. I am an outsider - personality wise. I think I may be developing chronic
outsider-ism? I've started noticing in my own behaviour that I have
begun choosing to loiter or lurk outside shows or family occasion
type settings just to feel the thrill of exclusion.

Why did I
post the aurora? Well aside from the picture being just "P-R-E-T-T-Y
L-I-G-H-T-S", those are the northern lights and as a private joke cyber ode to
myself they represent ideal hope. I ~HOPE~ for a better art world. (And you think I don't care) You'll have to
excuse my logic as I'm a bit worn out? Today I had a big day in Gore, I attended a funeral
(of an acquaintance) but to pass some down time I purchased a
gigantic 14 point mount stag's head directly from the actual


4 articles & 201 comments since 14 Jan 2010
I'm so down that I don't even have the energy to through rocks at your trite drivel any more Quinton. And no one cares anymore.

Pop up to Ch.ch and stand outside the gates on the Cashel Street Bridge. You can do your Jimmy Dean thing there and I will play my cymbals.
Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009

I GET SICK OF YOU MONKEY! EATEN ANY GOOD ART BANANAS LATELY? HAVE YOU NOTICED THEY ARE ALL AROUND US!?!?!? Everyone cares Monkey, just look at the amount of hits I get! I am an art star and it should be that way. Talent wraps me like the bandages of King Tut. Don't you try to scare away my readers like a little green eyed monster with your culturally authoritive trifle drool! OUTSIDE IS THE NEW INSIDE. GOVERNMENTAL FOYERISTS. Suck on a mollusk next time, you atheist.
You should try canceling your pre-booked appointment with your eye specialist by declaring that you are fine now without a PhD?

This generation will pay for that experience with other people's money. Then whatever they've learned nolonger matters because they won't have the sovereignty to use that knowledge on. NOW THAT IS DUMB

Provocation is only ideas that challenge you.

If these discussions are lacking in them something that you desire, then why don't you bring to the table the thoughts of the real you?

Lately I've been trying to decide whether to get a Tundra 11 or just stick with my Big Horn? But I have discovered much virtue whilst wasting time polishing the ol scraped up people mover. It was bought for me you know. It's a fish and chip stained lounge on wheels. I'm glad I don't have people googling at me like I'm some prestigious flash fish. I'm happy living like a rogue on the westcoast

137 articles & 705 comments since 12 Feb 2005
Quint, thanks for the feedback. I'll take it into consideration... :)
54 comments since 26 Apr 2011


Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009


Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009


Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009


Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009


Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009


Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009

Don't worry I have the world as my heart

Artists are bananas and you have proved this is true. Eccentrix. Never dive into the mind of the beatnix. What is this personality you are exhibiting? What are you doing with this life of mere production and reproduction? I urge you soldiers march inwardly. The desperate friendliness of the outside world is the enemy of art's true development and progression. Art has not died. Capitalism has only moved up a level. Human beings now have a price tag. The human spirit is under subtle attack. This is a new age. You CAN form it for the social good too. If you refuse to conform to the great square which now has all of the world at it's knees. In a time when the very thin veneer of western conceived human rights is eroding. In a time where it is our very liberations that oppress us.


The fernery

I shall never emerge from my room of trinkets

Solitary rain in night-way

Swinging overhead boxlike buildings and spindly leaveless silhouettes and shadows

Black arched church windows

Christ is with me


I shall never emerge and give you satisfaction....

Punishing you with faded friendship

The outside is cool

Stern and stoic, not kind like Kris Kringle the organist

The thick hide of Scottish black cat

The three cats of the clover leaf


I shall never leave my mind....

Giant trees and super fountains

Feverent friendships of stars have cooled

Dynamic situation in starved solitude

Mountains and fountains all against me

Never will I deepen this ignorant turn


The sadness that keeps me hidden away....

My best years burned like a squealing maggot

Consult the red spirits - my fortune

Years and cars burned out

Bearded turned greyed-ed

The trapdoor to the outdoors - a seagull


They kept me from maturing....

More isobars to fellow finger

Tussocks, noble, a glory bee, a glory box

Ceased ignoramus Blue Cliffs Land Rover feat

Hello I am dancing, smoking transmission man

You are right I am suspended in Groundhog Day


Silly sadness, marble beaked....

Wash my hands dry

Don't worry I have the world as my heart

Gutter wrenched, saints and sinners - silly business

Yes, contents of the Rivertonian I am your lost one

Riverton Railway Bridge - fall through the cracks


What really can be shared of solitude and memories?

The balcony of an inward life

The bowel of a bengal cat

The wheel of fortune or a lioness treadmill

Zoning - public parking - zoning out, stifled

Great Bengal Cat stalks it's worn out prey


Boogying trinkets a Tigerlily....

The man that walked himself off the plank

Radiowaves radiate warped world into my otherwise silent dwelling box

Satan the Soldering Iron twists and contaminates

Dwell with me dirty flooded river

I shall embrace you as I would a comfortable scarf


This is the meaning of the end of words....

A satellite signal hogged you away from me

Drowning figure like a cat and a dwarf

It's noble to be true

Develop your wastelands

It's industry man! Enterprise is as a clean as the fernery



I should rather be beaked, bugged and unusual than to socialize with them.


44 comments since 21 Jan 2011

Quoting Quint - 'Generation X at least had self-awareness. What has this generation got other than a perpetuity to slavery?'

Well lets see, the last time someone tried to do something exciting in the art world they were mocked, humiliated and taken advantage of. Is there any other option then to become the slave of 'generation X' ? Well yes that is an option, one can always join in. Of course they would need to sacrifice their own vision, as there is no more room in the art world to entertain new visions that are real visions.

What has become of the art world? What has happened to things like nobility, kindness and the use of art as a visionary medium true to the next generation?

Let me lay it on the line for you Quint. Most New Zealand art is shit, that's the basic concept. Anyone can become an artist by learning the path they must follow, and for that reason the arts are in a desperate need of a migration to refresh the outlook. I don't plan on entering any domain without first weeding out the phonies, the ones that do not commit to their own artistic vision. THAT is REAL, what are you doing? What do you want>?

I am merely providing opportunities, which I can tell you now takes a HELL of a lot more energy then consuming someone else. ???

44 comments since 21 Jan 2011

Instead of relating how what I say relates through/beside/over/across/under something else, consider if you please that I am actually making a point, instead of lazily consuming what I say behind the scenes in a cowardly secondary nature.

Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009

Let me lay it all out on the line for you pal. HEADLINE: (HEADLIGHTS!!!) News to you fella or fellaress, look I dunno if you have noticed and absorbed the obvious but we are nolonger living in the post-modern era. I don't know what this is but it is similar to a blackhole so hence I feel your frustration there brother or thus brotheress. Hey I love how you have managed to turn this whole thing around to you and now I feel as if I should be asking you questions. You must be a didactic educator of somesort. Certainly a quill sunk in self-righteous ink. I don't see whats so cowardly about an artist assuming an alter ego? HELL. WARNING: Awesome (and very unshit) New Zealand art follows, you may not like this TJ

44 comments since 21 Jan 2011
For me art is all about problem solving. You say everything is consumed and heading down a big black hole. Well surely there are ways to fix that, a little patience and commitment goes a long way. If that is the direction you feel art is going and don't like it, then reject it. Its really that simple. You just got to find something worth saying about it that does the job correctly, and take that seriously. I feel too much art is stuck in a (poking fun at the state of itself) situation, which is actually one of the few things that is collectively felt and real now. SO art lacks steam because it becomes consumed before it can say anything serious about itself, at no fault on the part of the black hole.
Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009
I think you are right. But what is felt collectively has created this self-consuming art hole. The beauty actually really is that when the wheels are about to come off that is the most exhilarating of all points in time. And there TJ is where we are and who ain't lovin' it?
54 comments since 26 Apr 2011
is art fair?
2 articles & 154 comments since 8 Aug 2011
If you got to go you got to go, however in some art (like conceptual art) this is not always the case.
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