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Charlotte Huddleston Poor Taste!!

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by feedback

A pile of rubbish that wasn't even created by this guy is worth $15,000.

Poor taste Charlotte Huddleston!

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1 comment since 9 Sep 2009
I don't think she is saying that it's worth $15,000. That was the prize money for the award.
John Hurrell
122 articles & 1507 comments since 2 Dec 2005
Actually Dane Mitchell should have got $20,000. The other art award held in Hamilton in the Gardens every year has that amount, not $15,000, for prize money. He was robbed.
Quinton Baker
34 articles & 464 comments since 4 Feb 2008
Bad taste is groovy
1 comment since 19 Oct 2009
'But Waikato Museum director Kate Vusoniwailala leapt to the defence of judge Charlotte Huddleston, saying it was "an excellent decision" which had helped achieve the objective of getting people talking about art.'

Well Kate, I don't think it necessarily got "people talking about art". Maybe it just got them talking about rubbish.
Given the disrespect shown by both Charlotte Huddleston and Kate Vusoniwailala to the other contributing artists to this award, it should not be called a "contemporary" art award but a contemptuous one. If these two "visionaries" think that these comments are strictly my creative imagination, and are offensive and rubbish, would they consider forwarding a cheque in the mail to me I wonder.
46 articles & 641 comments since 26 Jan 2006
go graanty
46 articles & 641 comments since 26 Jan 2006
Oh i get it, it s like a virus that appears late capitalist but is actually a political pose of a gestural nature designed to cause process intrigue, in the hope that practice would rub off in a new way, unlike perpetuating the usual thesis response from a larger notion, here is a self contained meta argument, a meme, with a context tone of humor.
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