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Artists invited to contribute to project 'View on Golden Bay'.

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by Hartebeest



History is made up of many stories about the same event. In 'View on Golden Bay' this idea is literally translated into a book.

In December 1642 the first meeting between Maori and Europeans took place: Ngati Tumatakokiri and Abel Tasman. This encounter is illustrated from a seventeenth-century point of view in Isaac Gilsemans’ now iconic image of the ‘Murderer’s Bay’. Project 'View on Golden Bay' aims to reconstruct this illustration with the help of artists, writers and scholars, from both New Zealand and The Netherlands. 

'Hartebeest' invites you to react to the event and/or the illustration in words and/or images. Your contribution may consist of new or existing work and may vary from one sentence to anything you can imagine.

Final submission date: October 1, 2012.
For more information, subscription and for requesting a detailed briefing, visit the website www.viewongoldenbay.com.


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