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2 articles & 154 comments since 8 Aug 2011
Sure, and there comes a time too when you will meet yourself, and you won't know until its too late. Should art have to pay because you don't have the patience to see?
Quinton Baker
34 articles & 464 comments since 4 Feb 2008
Well I must have some patience because I can feel it running out ....I'm not sure what you are trying to do to me or what you actually want. You think I'm blind. I hear that a lot. And sure I know that there is wisdom beyond my present comprehension. I don't think that artists are permitted to voice their personal interpretation about what art is only until their twilight years? Art is interchangeable and plastic and it's we who control it. It does not matter if we have a wee piddle in the public pool for God's sake dude. I already understand that youth is wasted on the young. A lifetime is designed to be spent. It can't be preserved. So why not spend it on mistakes and stupidity? It's all we have since those (like yourself) hold your cards so tightly to your silvery chest and locked away in the refrigerator of cynicism

There you go now I have absolutely no patience, you used the last of it?
2 articles & 154 comments since 8 Aug 2011
You don't know me, and you miss my point entirely.
b'art Homme
12 articles & 207 comments since 22 May 2010
In 2002 I made a film expressly asking the question of many,many attendees and artists involved in a very large art p[roject in manchester... WOHT EEES ART? - my film - simply logs the great array of of answers to the question - of course it is very very funny from the very deep and meaningful answers to the poorly informed to the very clever responses.

I should really get it on line so it can be viewed eh?

2 articles & 154 comments since 8 Aug 2011
If it is a film, it would get more views online I would think. In some ways art is more one dimensional in galleries then what appears to be case (the initial reason art is shown off line).
b'art Homme
12 articles & 207 comments since 22 May 2010
I made a film in about 2001 in manchester - it was a commission to document a large arts festival spread all over the city - over 2 months I think it was - I said I would come up from london regularly to film it but I would only do it if I could centre it around the question (of participants and visiting public) - "Wot eees arrrrght?" three weeks ago the friend in manchester who commissioned it emailed to say he had recently screened it again - all those wonderful real Mancunian accents saying things like "well eeeet's paintin int it" Great wee film - even if I do say so myself.

So yes it's a valuable question - one i was once tempted to ask Hellen Clark when she touted to be Min of culture and heritage... what a joke. Actually my question was to be - "can you provide me with a job description for an artist please minister?" ha!!!
11 comments since 21 Jul 2015

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