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supa_frizz by Quint Baker

This conversation may be of annoyance to some advertisers, they will say I'm a shameless self promoter, artists don't have that luxury, because artists do not exist. The industrial revolution has f***** up everything. "People" think of nothing but money. People like James K Baxter came and went. Does a person care? Well most people only care in terms of money. Lets get to art, you have expressionism, dadaism, realism, all psych bullshit artist wrestle with. But the most dominating factor in art is commercialism. I know whats going on at Elam. Is the whole world really so blind? The creative spirit loathes the plain out cliche "playing to the gallery". Globally the investment weirdos have hijacked "art" into a bankable commodity business. Ok so that is the way of the world. Ooh so I am put in my place! What are we here people? Are we really all so servile? This direction is not good for humanity. I hear you say, "oh hes a lefty or a red or a commy", I'm not, I am as far right leaning as I am to the left and to the middle too (for the record). Most people (commoners) as I guess we could be called, since it's all going back that way, under the surface... you could call these the Christmas letters, the artist who spoke. What will define the postpostmodern period, is this the final period? How do you define a poorly educated credentialised society that is entirely blended in every possible way, how do you define a society in which the obvious cannot be grasped. Life is better on earth. Confusion is only natural, especially when it is used as a weapon. But if you choose to ignore the obvious you are suspect in the minds of those who think. 

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