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william blake
29 articles & 728 comments since 15 Aug 2006



Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009
Lily said, "Today I entered the Smokefreerockquest"! Do you know what I said?

I said, "Boring".

Ha ha yeah Bipolar. That's funny and not in the least bit down putting.

I've always wondered what the difference actually is between the likes of artists that are taken seriously and considered so and the deemed mentally ill "access arts" type? What separates the two?
william blake
29 articles & 728 comments since 15 Aug 2006

the cheque at the end of the week.

Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009
What if you are bipolar but own a small gallery on the Queenstown water front and you make a killing selling copious paintings simply due to geographical location?

And what if your a qualified artist but your only income comes from the fact that you have a rich fan and she forces all her friends to attend your exhibitions and support your talent?

"OMG that happened to me!"
Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009
I said on facebook just now;

"I hate things like that, "it depends on how you look at it", I really am a black'n'white sort of guy ....I know what I like and what I don't like. We are living in the future and frankly the future isn't as futuristic as I thought it was going to be. The taste of the masses is dull and always too sensual.
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I also said to Jeffrey Harris
(Born on November 6, 1949);

You are older than my Dad but cool, whats the deal?
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Jeffrey Harris likes this.
Jeffrey Harris Thanks Quint!!!
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54 comments since 26 Apr 2011

troll lo lol

54 comments since 26 Apr 2011


Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009
i think that that is the sad thing about the internet right there. it's controlled by countless lifeless people who don't like affectionate teasing, playfulness and joking around. it's just a browser's paradise of clones in straightjackets! hardly anyone talks to each other because they're all committed to caving to peer pressure and they try so hard to be contemporary, politically correct and slick. and what all that amounts to is extreme boredom? what are you all doing? lets be human...
Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009

The sleep out is content and usually cold,

Watery walls and the stars seem near,

When walks the frost my bed grips the wall,

The wall is eating itself but i don't care,

The tadpoles walk over my roof,

In darkness I have my little tv and hot wind blowing from grated cheese,

Yellow is the hearty beef,

In creaks the cat through the tongue and groove door,

Sleepy sleep cat we are both under the forest floor,

Fortitude arranged dried leaves are surround,

A kettle of fish, it's a kennel,

Conifer scratches tin roof,

It's sort of like a kennel,

The boy's sleepout cries for it's mother,

The stars don't care as they have thyme for pasture,

We have camomile less the grass our black cats chew,

The barrow wheels in the dusty spud,

The cat drags in the self satified boy,

Boil the jug; "Get the jug on!" says the Dad to the fish,

The wash water wields a wash water gray,

But the stream in the ditch sings the long boy to sleep.


b'art Homme
12 articles & 207 comments since 22 May 2010
Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009

Hovering Stone

Furthest field oozing countenance,

The fringe of the hardwoods rolling forth as the peak of breakers,

Your empty visage had become the native owl,

The purse of your soul,

You are a being of utterances unfailable,

Yes, I should care to lick your taniwha eyes,

The eyes and toxicity of the amphibious cane toad,

Wash down thee caviar eyes,

Over thy salted naked body as bones in a sack of immaculate skin,

There in the vortex image you approach weakly,

Stumbling over the dirt clogs of a somewhat temporal colosseum, wrapped up as if you were the Elephant Man,

And spectated cruely by countless bleating goats and billies with slug gun pellets in their hard white foreheads,

She named 'Christe Libertas' bright and as a solid gold oriental figurine,

Placed faultlessly with solemn vigor in the fore of the natural and legendary balancing rock.

[By Quint Baker 2011]

1 articles & 212 comments since 30 Nov 2007

Hovering Stone.

Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009
Now for an examinatio?n of Quint Baker's 'Olive Hut':

You are a feeling mermaid with gaiety for edible roses. - Inner beauty

The ferns they mellowed a breeze into you. - A moment in a natural setting in sexual love

Masonry sands and diligent hands washed. - Hard work and goodness helps with success in love

Oceans the tumbling rock hurt. - Pain is present in the natural world

Rosey desert washed out into fresh sea. - More sexual visuals

Paua man gently getting by on a spin top. - People are always around somewhere

The Rocks is an alien world. - When your high nature seems very surreal

Mr Fresh is an olive hat. - Houses are essential to human life

Bullet proof head digital prove. - We are mortal and a bump on the head can cause death even when we trust in technology

At what point did your warm love turn to despise? - As with all things on earth relationships wither

The super deep harbour of dirty girls. - Promiscuity overwhelmes urban cultures

But a flash of ground oyster shell. - But life is just for a moment in whatever culture you dwell?

Once on a time when I ate. - I have had my fair share of nookie and I was once provided for by my parents

The world was supposedly our oyster? - When I was in a bad relationship and had no money but plenty of youth well....

But we didn't care. - All we cared about was cigarettes and purchasing from the infamous chain-stores
44 comments since 21 Jan 2011
It seems to me Quint Baker that you are a non-believer that arguments in the art world can be real.
Quint Baker
29 articles & 725 comments since 20 Jul 2009
I mean if you detect a tone of juvenile sarcasm in my voice, you are wrong, it is only there as a refection of our media, our society. In truth, the whole of western society in general is stricken and smitten with a peculiar infantile regression. Sometimes I am a victim and a perp? Others I am what I should be. Hey TJ, the artworld is the only reality that I know, everything associated with art is very dear to my heart. Just remember and adhere always provocation IS art.
44 comments since 21 Jan 2011
You hold nothing dear to your heart because you don't care.
44 comments since 21 Jan 2011
Remember that.
1 comment since 26 Aug 2015
When I consider art i believe of beauty. Beauty is that the mystery of life. it's not within the eye it's within the mind. In our minds there's awareness of perfection. To buy exclusive art just visit India gift
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