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Ideas for Christchurch : Call for Ideas.

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Lee-looking-profound-1 by Artbasher
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Your chance to shape the city.


This is a call for ideas.

Christchurch’s recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake has severely damaged much of the built fabric of the city, in particular historic buildings in the centre... Within a few weeks large-scale rebuilding will begin... We want to see your ideas providing a framework to give shape to what could, should, or might be...

Design, plan, write, draw, paint, model, dream…  just share what you value and deliver it in an A3 digital format to ideasforchristchurch@gmail.com. Submit as often as you want, as a group or as an individual; identify yourself or remain anonymous.

We see this as urgent. Submissions are open from Wed 15th to Sat 25th September 5pm.

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Quint Baker
29 articles & 724 comments since 20 Jul 2009
yeah that'll happen...
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