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allblackwinz by Flake

Oooh, I have just started an interesting "debate" on www.eyecontactsite have a gander. also the "Free shop" (read middle class work of art, 20 years later than rADz and adbusters et al) of Mark Amery and SohpieJeram  in Wellington is proudly proclaiming to have huge amounts of food left over to give away - I have just sent them a note wondering if the substantial existing networks of our 4000 plus social housing tenants (and others) might just be negatively affected when they turn up for their usual free fare only to find it's gotten all unsanitary and is now part of a nice work of art in Ghuznee street - doh!!!


If you read the detail and see what's actually going on here you (I hope) will see how - given - a feudal landlord attitude everything else follows.... Our idea for art exhibitions is taken over, The title of the show "Complex creatives" reflects badly on the many mental health patients in our tenant population, The $20,000,000 the government (not WCC) has made them spend on feel good activities means WCC spends it on what amounts to their PR, including the exhibition, ever so slightly controversial art works get rejected... this forum is about debate on the ethics et al of art theory and practice nay? I do find it very interesting that when its the Wellington city art gallery - and Terry Urbahn - he is allowed to stalk and film Paula Savage and then show it there, as similarly Terrence Handscombe in his "Who I would or would not fuck to get ahead in NZ art" at the Auck. city art gallery - but there is a weirdly different attitude to this social housing "Tenant" exhibition. Darling - it's not about my feelings for rejection it's about oligarchy and the artist... speaking art truths to power - nay?



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Heh! I am still laughing so much at "Complex Creatives" that I cannot give a reasoned response. Were the bureaucrats just clueless or spiteful... so funny. Have no idea what this is really about down in Lyttleton, such a Wellington comedy.
b'art Homme
12 articles & 207 comments since 22 May 2010
They were/ all of the affore mentioned Money (k). I didn't post or re-post the above of course so have a look back into the original postings if you can bare the reading... or get someone at eyecontact to really review it and see what's what? There's no choice - it is art history now anyway, done and nearly dusted... oh and Tina Barton at Vic (manager of the doctoral thesis on the influence of Marcel Duchamp's influence on NZ art has copies for the "student". So Wellington indeed but so universal in the "debate" between vested interest art corporates and the artist nay? Permission to speak sir?, doff cap, lowly tenant, lick sphincter, so fuckin sorry.

Thanks for your interest (payments and quarterly returns).
b'ert Homme
4 articles & 62 comments since 1 Jun 2010
christ ive got my work cut out for me here; that fucking tourette tried to kill me on another thread / and bart is up to 3 articles and 83 (big) comments in eight fucking days.

Im really disappoooiiinnnttteeedd that flake isnt bart faark. but you probably make some good points.
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Allahu Akbar

b'ert Homme
4 articles & 62 comments since 1 Jun 2010

hi ho- hi ho

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Bunrush....given the recent coldblooded murder in international waters of human rights workers by the Israeli navy your comment is a bit close to home. I live in a strange world as an art student...."critical studies" full part of my days yet when I mentioned the above to some other adult art students they were ignorant of the politics. The Venice Biennale takes place in the same sea that these workers were killed. There should be some acknowledgement of this at the next Biennale but I guess class and money been what they are another neutered exhibition of "critical" art is to be expected. Perhaps if artists banded togethered asnd suggested an artistic boycott of Israel---that would help. No representation of Israel at Venice for a start....why should Israeli artists get to fly to Venice over a sea stained red with the blood of the victims of their state's terror, whislt Gazan children are denied art materials by a draconian blockade that is slowly turning their souls into stone?
1 articles & 212 comments since 30 Nov 2007
surely this is worth its own thread Mathew - you are belittling the importance of the venice biennale (snort)... and i'm guessing bunrush's reason for her post gels with your own position and comment.

The Italians should ban themselves for the Romans taking Judea...
4 articles & 201 comments since 14 Jan 2010

Matthew, I am trying to understand where you are coming from.

To do so , I am getting really, really.... wet.

b'ert Homme
4 articles & 62 comments since 1 Jun 2010
monkey; please don't get Matthew started on Hummus and the Palestinian jihad, he will make b'art pothead seem like a deaf mute.
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