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clubmeet01 market fictions.
clubmeet Gary Bridle, Kim Paton, Geoff Newman and Sandy Gibbs at High Street Project
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22 7,211 5 Jul 2005 by flim flam
icon_latest_reply.gif Beer anyone? Thanks ... by Guest
The past is not even past 0 810 3 Sep 2005 by Artbasher
Art Basher on the airwaves 0 1,903 30 Aug 2005 by the dabbler
2005_08_30_36827 Sliced - Call for Stencil Art 0 1,136 30 Aug 2005 by Artbasher
IrvineForgan01 Enforced Meaning
Performance at Addington Prison Irvine Forgan at Addington Prison
9 2,292 14 Aug 2005 by Artbasher
icon_latest_reply.gif Biases are where itâ€... by Artbasher
Bill_Riley01 Bill Riley
[Graft] New Paintings Bill Riley at Campbell Grant
9 3,919 11 Aug 2005 by dollyhaze
icon_latest_reply.gif Bill Riley Pictures ... by Artbasher
The Museum of Non-Primate Art 0 871 26 Aug 2005 by Artbasher
taongawhanau01 Letting Go
Taonga Whanau Otene Rakena, Rachel Rakena and Hana Rakena at SOFA
16 3,884 20 Jul 2005 by Artbasher
icon_latest_reply.gif You Go Gurl! Jeezus ... by Populuxe
overview1 Mastery
Mastery Jonathan Baker, John Dean, Jacquelyn Greenbank, Belinda Harrow and Miranda Parkes at SOFA
1 1,379 29 Mar 2005 by Artbasher
icon_latest_reply.gif response to Mastery r... by Guest
Hood Kim Swanson at High Street Project
2 1,309 29 Apr 2005 by Artbasher
icon_latest_reply.gif pc dark Pathetique I... by Uncle Okeydokey
gobsmack Beautiful and Feminine
Gobsmack & Flabbergast Julia Morison at 64zero3
2 1,481 3 Jun 2005 by FOBH
icon_latest_reply.gif Jeez, I thought I was... by Artbasher
Once upon a Time at the Pysics Room 0 772 11 Aug 2005 by Artbasher
allovertheshow01 Student's Taking on the Town
All Over The Show School of fine arts sculpture students at Public Art
2 1,469 29 Jul 2005 by Artbasher
icon_latest_reply.gif webpages I'm not a s... by Artbasher
artattacks01 One Night 15 Galleries 23 Exhibitions 2 1,384 27 Jul 2005 by Artbasher
icon_latest_reply.gif art attack I thought... by Spacecatz
Sam Eng is a Zombie 0 861 2 Aug 2005 by Artbasher
wonderland01 Grotesque and Subtle
Wonderland Joanna Braithwaite at Christchurch Art Gallery
0 2,191 1 Aug 2005 by FOBH
strictlystenciled1 Art from a different world.
Strictly Stencilized Otis Frizzell, Dust, Component, Matt Dowman, Juria Chuah, Nick White, Andre Simpson and Guy Ellis. at C1 Espresso
5 1,752 23 Jun 2005 by Artbasher
icon_latest_reply.gif why indeed? Word. I ... by opto
RhonaHaszard_roadtolittlesa Rhona Haszard and the Authenticity of the Christchu...
An Experimental, Expatriate Artist Rhona Haszard at Christchurch Art Gallery
0 2,000 12 Jul 2005 by Artbasher
Strictly Stencilized - Brief article 0 791 11 Jul 2005 by Artbasher
Chaotic Speaker Fun
BYO Music Richard Reddaway at The Physics Room
1 5,841 31 May 2005 by Artbasher
icon_latest_reply.gif test I found the wor... by pete