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The Artbash Forum is an online art forum to debate, discuss review and gossip about New Zealand contemporary art.

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It's not art, but have a dance about it if you like.
9 166 by chandni.Saxena
When I consider art i believe of bea...
Art Theory and History
Essays of a more general, historical or theoretical nature.
56 1,327 by NehaGupta
Art is a Feeling which covert human...
Put on your self-referential hat.
44 1,023 by GRAB A CARD
New Zealand artists now get the cha...
California Diary
Artbasher takes a trip. Art, cycling and surfing.
6 20 by Artbasher
The Museum of Jurassic Technology ...
Educational Presentations
Learn yourself something.
23 514 by Formerly
Keep up to date.
58 1,195 by Quint Baker
(picture is missing)
Off-site Articles
Links to and discussion / criticism of online articles outside Artbash
65 1,244 by Quint Baker
It appears we are living at the daw...
Online Artwork
Links to and discussion about genuine online art . . . ie sites like this one.
10 134 by NehaGupta
This is a beautiful painting and wor...
Practical Art
Technical art making discussion
16 393 by Artbasher
Some cool stuff is cropping up arou...
Press Releases
Notices about scholarships, residencies and art related opportunities. Please add shows rather than posting them here
19 154 by Mite.Mar
Yes, some drawings look like they ha...
Publication Reviews
Reviews and discussion about art-related publications
13 224 by John Hurrell
The fourth issue of Media Arts' ...
Questions & Answers
People who don't know how to use Google, or in the extremely rare case your question has never been asked before, ask your questions here.
36 731 by Hupes
Doubt it. Signature doesn't look rig...
Rantings and ravings at the world.
94 2,471 by CJEdmonds
Thanks Monkey. That is the perfect ...
Reviews and discussion of shows.
292 3,674 by Formerly
Personally I think art lends itself ...
Exhibitions, preformances, artist talks - find it here.
2,487 57 by Quint Baker
All Conversations
All comments irrespective of topic
817 13,782 by Hupes
Doubt it. Signature doesn't look rig...