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Your love is better than ice cream

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Mary Mcintyre
at Whitespace
11 Mar 2014 - 29 Mar 2014

Added by Dib

Amusing, joke-like messages are written across the work. 'Your love is better than ice cream', 'life is a garbage sandwich', 'no happy ending today'.

Matching the captions and quotations with the drawings was a great deal of 'fun' for the artist, who often thinks in terms of 'entertainments' and who, despite the many set-backs in her life, attempts to remain firmly optimistic and joyful in her outlook. She delights in the 'gorgeous' and 'beautiful' and in many respects these paintings are a tribute to nubile youthfulness, to skin texture and colour, to the delights of glowing nakedness and the many transparent layers that make these works so very exquisite and fine.

So this is an exhibition in praise, admiration and homage.

In praise of continuity and connectedness.

In praise of those great masters who came before and whose work she appropriates, takes possession of and establishes as her own.

In praise of writers in whose pithy, concise, pertinent and frequently strangely quirky, even disturbing observations, she so delights.

And above all, in praise of the female nudes in all their glory and presence. 

'Deep experience is never peaceful' [Henry James]

Excerpt from exhibition essay 'Praise Be' by Riemke Ensing.

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