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Welcome to the Library

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Fran Dibble
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Apr 2014 - 30 Apr 2014

Added by Zimmerman


This month Zimmerman Art Gallery is delighted to present Welcome to the Library - new paintings and sculpture by Fran Dibble. Featuring six new paintings and ten new sculptures, below are the artist’s notes.

“As in a library, this exhibition includes work for contemplation. Less are libraries places for research, which we google away at in work offices or in the after-hours, but more they have become a rest haven and sanctuary. The artworks include paintings, table sculptures and book works themselves, with their obvious links.

The paintings are assembled artworks, comprised of a series of separate units positioned together; they play with ideas of contrast – different painted surfaces, with spray-painted surfaces beside the rich qualities of oil paint, random arrangements next to the more organised and ordered. They refer, in a fairly fluid way, to the themes of seasons and change - leaves falling, flowers blooming, clouds forming in big skies above flat landscape.

The book works are tributes, tributes to books, collections of knowledge that we fear might be lost; that is the physicality of the real, old-fashioned objects with linen covers and typeface, never satisfactorily replaced with electronic files read on screens. Most of these small sculptures are made with vintage found books, leading to an element of luck and direction as to the art produced, with bronze articles attached.

Some of the book works are entirely made in bronze, either when the inspiring book has been deemed too beautiful to relinquish, so the title and graphics are transcribed on the replica, or else when a made-up volume has been produced.”

Featured images:
-  Moby Dick, vintage book and bronze (110 x 210 x 135mm)
-  An Unruly Day, various paints on wood panels (400 x 820mm)
-  Crown Stack, bronze (290 x 270 x 200mm)
-  Cupcakes, bronze and oil paint (130 x 150 x 180mm)


crown_stack_2014_bronze_290_x_270_x_200_mm an_unruly_day_2014_400_x_820_mm moby_dick_2014_vintage_book_and_bronze_110_x_210_x_135_mm

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