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Une Sorte De Carambolage Dans Une Partie De Billard Cosmique

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Maxime Duveau
at Galerie Houg, Paris
25 Mar 2017 - 6 May 2017

Added by GalerieHoug

First solo show of this 1992 french artist in gallery.

Maxime Duveau took the legendary road to California, to the City Of Angles. As many, he makes a pilgrimage as attempt to verify or to demythologize some of their ideals to confront to deal with the reality, and sometimes push it off the road. Travelling though a flat myth. They were brought by the modern « noisist » music and the great « Hollywood Blockbusters », rocked by the original soundtracks of Baywatch or Knightrider. As they challenging the « high concept » of Don Simpson and the color filters of Tony Scott, on the journey. From this « initiation » trip, Duveau came back with a black and white drawing series, large sizes, realized in two steps, first on the spot, then in studio. As a shrewd visitor, he covers the iconic locations of the Californian rock history, such as Sunset Strip. He dove into this symbolic set, he drowned in the pubs and proceed a personal survey with precision, as the area topographer. He toke picture, doodled, scratched, traced and duplicated the history layers onto the walls. In direct contact with the present, he invites the past to arise Maxime Duveau realize « buffers » from those myth crumbs. Besides the noir atmosphere way given by the large represntational drawing of Duveau, as specific as are the Elroy’s novel, those drawings live us in front of unpopulated cities, cities of hope where only his mark stay. Signs and storefronts remain us a reality in midwater. With his own aesthetic, Duveau invites ghost of the garage, as done by Lynch with Hollywood and its own.

more on : http://galeriehoug.com/fr/actus/134-duveaumaxime-fr

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