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The Future is Unwritten

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Fiona Connor, William Hsu, Daniel Malone, Kate Newby, Martyn Reynolds, Peter Trevelyan, Amit Charan, Narrowgauge and Kelvin Soh
at Adam Art Gallery
12 Jul 2009 - 31 Aug 2009

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The Future is Unwritten
11 July – 30 August 2009

In the building: Fiona Connor, William Hsu, Daniel Malone, Kate Newby, Martyn Reynolds, Peter Trevelyan
Online: Amit Charan, Narrow Gauge, Kelvin Soh
Curated by Laura Preston

Opening and website launch: Friday 10 July, 6pm

The starting point for this exhibition project was to invite nine artists, designers and writers to consider how art can engage, by means of its forms and structures, in the political realities of this moment. The artists’ projects will act as a series of proposals for embracing this time of uncertainty, where structures and systems that we have come to know are being brought into focus and re-defined. Using the gallery as a place of proposition, the works presented both in the building and online, will question the political efficacy of contemporary art by suggesting other ways to claim space and be resourceful within it. Furthermore, the exhibition will employ the university as a place for interdisciplinary thinking, to ask whether a pedagogical site can re-think art’s purpose and affect. Accompanied by a public programme of night talks, a workshop and sound event, the Adam Art Gallery will become an active site of discussion and a resource for the future.

eriKultimate presents the blackout compulsion lounge live via satellite
Friday 10 July 2009, 6-8pm


Academics from Victoria University of Wellington speak at the Adam Art Gallery
Thursdays 6pm
16.07.09 Ray Spiteri - Art history and the political
30.07.09 Paul James - Architecture and latency
13.08.09 Minette Hillyer - Media after modernity
27.08.09 Ralph Chapman and Andrew Wilks – The environment and energy use

Discussion on contemporary curatorial practice

Deep Listening Performance Series
Sam Hamilton and Eve Gordon - Parasitic Fantasy Band
Live experiential expanded cinema, sound and celluloid
Adam Art Gallery

Adam Art Gallery
Victoria University of Wellington
Gate 3, Kelburn Parade
PO Box 600, Wellington
New Zealand 6140
Tuesday – Sunday, 11am - 5pm
+ 64 4 463 5489 / + 64 4 463 5229


I'm in love, I 'm in love with teh Bells of St Marks.

by Flake
I've had a big reaction to this how, and it has as much to do with teh art works as teh people who made thme, and including some particular people that were theere to see it , dispite their hat of it.
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