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Thanks a lot Icarus

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John Radford
at Whitespace
30 Sep 2007 - 21 Oct 2007

Added by Dib John Radford is renowned for the sunken architectural installation titled TIP in Western Park on Ponsonby Road, and more recently the Transplastic projects in which a three storey pub, a series of motor vehicles and Wellington’s
infamous Bucket Fountain were all covered in clay.

At times he plays the role of an archivist, referring to recent or distant past urban objects.

In his up and coming exhibition Thanks a lot Icarus at Whitespace Radford’s intricately sculpted Bay Villas slump on the wall as if melting, pulled out of shape by some unseen force.

The viewer’s position puts you above these houses, looking down on some strange street of increasingly twisted forms......the inner city archetypical dream home transforms into a blot or stain on the landscape.

Radford’s new permanent public work will be unveiled in Potter’s Park on Dominion Road this 26th of September, on New Zealand Dominion Centenary day.

The 26th of September 1907 saw New Zealand’s status change from Colony to Dominion.

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