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Staring into black holes drives me dotty - Gordon Thompson's stippled works

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Bronwyn Zimmerman
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Jul 2014 - 31 Jul 2014

Added by Zimmerman

This month Zimmerman Art Gallery is featuring five stippled artworks by Palmerston North artist Gordon Thompson.

Stippling is a technique in which multiple small dots are used to build up an image. The key to the technique is in the density and distribution of the dots; as more dots are applied in proximity to each other, the white space between the dots decreases, resulting in a darker apparent shade. This apparent shading enables the artist to suggest light and shadow, conveying form, texture and depth.

Stippling is a demanding discipline – the image must be built up by the artist dot by painstaking dot. The technique therefore requires not only close attention to detail, but a great deal of patience. Each of the stippled works on display at Zimmerman Art Gallery this month took Thompson more than a year to complete.

Thompson identifies the underpinning theme behind these five stippled works as “identity, and the interconnectedness of hapu and iwi.”

The resulting images are generated through Thompson’s interest in guitar music, particularly Maori music (puoro) traditions, according to which the gods sang the universe into existence. This can be seen in the titles of each work, inspired by song lyrics from musicians as diverse as Red Hot Chilli Peppers ("Aeroplane"), Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers ("Another lonely park, another Sunday") and Metallica ("Tea for one"). 


The exhibition of Thompson’s stippled works runs until 31 July 2014.

another_lonely_park_another_sunday aeroplane

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