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James Robinson
at Blue Oyster Gallery
28 Mar 2007 - 15 Apr 2007

Added by BS This installation is a fun set up of props made during a collaborative animation film between Rowan Wernham and James Robinson.

"It began as reclamation of boyhood imaginary sci-fi spaceship building and turned into a psycho-sexual-anthropological-mytho-political smorgasbord of wanton regurgitated oil economy cultural filth.

Seamlessly filling the void of the catholic church and compulsory armed service, a consumeristic tribal spell emerges. Low 'back of th y' meets 'phillip k dick', "Scientology", the Brothers Quey and Thunderbirds.

The installation will feature models and photos and some preliminary animation from the unedited film of which Creative NZ funded the project(amen).

Spaceships are vehicles of escape, of imagination, of owning the "space" in which we dwell; forever at war with some evil corruption of other's dominion. Art becomes the frontline of self in the world, and allows a play and piss-take in our technological cult of disembodiment and over-academic disempowering of art. It harkens instead to magic and tribalism more than sci-fi".

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