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Dalene Meiring
at Parnell Gallery
9 Apr 2013 - 23 Apr 2013

Added by Anna.Souness

Dalene Meiring’s work offers a generous and unapologetic celebration of femininity, inviting us to share in an intense emotional experience of time, place and relationship. Utilising a rich palette, a consistent base of earthy tones speaks of the sunbaked continent of the artist’s origin. A real passion for life is expressed through serene tapestries of shifting textural layers, a kind of organised chaos punctuated with reference points of vibrant colour, form and symbolic elements. 


 Familiar feminine motifs abound; flowers, a bowl of fruit, a resting bird or a delicate string of pearls. At the same time as they may be personal to the artist, we can share in these timeless fragments of daily life, the value and beauty of the everyday elevated to us through quiet contemplation. These intimate motifs are backed by distant horizons and birds in flight; thus the personal symbolism is projected outwards to the universal, and so we are all invited.



At times a painting will be dedicated to exploring just one element - a vase of flowers, bursting with joyful life and colour, or perhaps a dreaming female face, full of mystery and mood. The focus on female visage which has featured in past exhibitions is still evident but now shares space with an increasingly abstract portrayal of the feminine. There is also a strong naïve element to Meiring’s work, giving heft through simplicity to the symbolic forms, and which is the focus of further exploration in some pieces.



Meiring has said ‘some of the works have a feeling of captured silence for me’, and it seems that the artist’s life in all its variety is sublimated by the weaving through of this silence and space. Thus the strands of her experience are gathered and grounded in these harmonious pieces to bring us a powerful meditation on life and living.



‘Spaces’ opens on Tuesday 9th April at Parnell Gallery, 263 Parnell Road, Auckland.


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