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Shaping Up

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Andrew Rankin, Bonco, Clare Gemima, Josh Hamilton and Monica Kwon
at Antoinette Godkin
25 Jul 2017 - 19 Aug 2017

Added by Vav God

‘Shaping up’ creates a space within Antoinette’s art house, bringing together a mixed combination of artists including mediums of moving image, sculptural and of course painting. The exhibition allows for the selected works to engage with each other and possibly exchange conversations as they relate in a “shapely“ manner.

From Monica Kwon’s entrancing architectural video to Andrew Rankin’s individualized everyday objects, to Josh Hamilton’s deconstructed minimal paintings, to Bonco’s geometric repetition paintings, to Clare Gemima’s sensualized installation, we can see how pure form may appear meaningful and soulful to us.


We are accustomed to regarding inorganic nature as pure form, and we can even reduce organic form to a completely formal concept. This whole approach can be termed a symbolism of form, which for us means a harmonious symbolism of form. The simple act of imputing emotional content must therefore be expanded into a reshaping of natural forms – both the composition and its details – that are always found wanting.


Show is open from 22 July till 19 August

Gallery hours: Tues - Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-3pm

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