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Scott Gardiner
at Whitespace
30 Sep 2007 - 21 Oct 2007

Added by Dib Scott Gardiner is a painter who finds an absolute solace in nature, which is reflected in the series of works ‘Shadowlands’. The assemblage of works is not only a manifestation of Gardiner’s connection to the landscapes he paints, it is also a myriad of commentaries on social, political and environmental issues. Although Gardiner insists he is not an environmental crusader, his deep spiritual connection with the earth is evident through the romantic depiction of these subliminal mindscapes.

First and foremost, the paintings are about Gardiner’s distinct spiritual relationship with nature in general. An avid surfer and survivor of the 2004 tsunami, which devastated his then home of Sri Lanka, there is no mistaking his love of the land around him. This is presented visually in barren, achingly drawn landscapes across an ethereal background of colour.

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