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Press Play - New paintings by Elspeth Shannon

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Elspeth Shannon
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Nov 2014 - 30 Nov 2014

Added by Zimmerman

Artist's statement for Press Play - New paintings by Elspeth Shannon: 

“Last year my painting focus was on still life – old treasures and found objects close to home, brought back to my studio (shed down the back).”

“This year I’ve been re-engaging with the connection we have with animals, particularly those living with us. I’m constantly reminded of how we (perhaps inadvertently) shape the lives of these animals. Or maybe we choose ones that best reflect ourselves as we wish to be perceived?  I’m not sure there’s a straightforward answer, but undoubtedly the relationship we have with them is complex. Although caring for a companion animal is a huge (and sometimes misunderstood) responsibility, the joy and companionship they give us is reward enough.  On a personal level, I’m intrigued how their eyes and body language tell us so much, and am convinced that they know more than we often credit them with, and how much closer to us they are in some ways, than we may realise.”

“Another angle I’ve investigated, but again using one of my favourite subjects – us – is what happens when action is slowed down. When viewing a moving subject, we don’t absorb every fleeting moment. Take the example of an action replay during a rugby match (and yes I’m an avid fan of the game) -  a freeze frame is blurry, sometimes smeared to the point of abstraction, and yet we witness this in real time with clarity.  I’ve viewed hundreds of snap shots of footage and am interested in the tension that develops from the juxtaposition of the recognisable and the abstract. Seen yet unseen.”  

“I always work on subjects that capture my interest, whatever that may be, and am unapologetic about moving from one subject to another, as that’s the way I remain enthusiastically motivated.” 

“My cheeky attempt to combine seemingly disparate elements into one exhibition has one indisputable common element  - a love of and belief in the continuing relevance of painting.”

-  Elspeth Shannon 2014, BFA (Hons)

Selected images from the exhibition (all oil on canvas, 2014)

French Kiss, 760 x 910 mm
Photobomb, 1120 x 840 mm
Ascension 11, 830 x 660 mm

photobomb ascension_11

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