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Kathryn Stevens
at Whitespace
29 Jul 2014 - 16 Aug 2014

Added by Dib

Kathryn Stevens’ work is an ongoing exploration of the construction of space and our understanding or reading of it.

Our perception of space is a process through which we become aware of our environment and our relative position in the world. We physically and imaginatively construct spaces, perhaps altering their function, and, in doing so, contain them. Are we just attempting to locate ourselves?

In this exhibition Stevens explores the boundary between the two dimensional plane and the three dimensional object.

The paintings, now surfaces that float out from the wall, both acknowledge and utilise pictorial space. Yet there is tension between the internal space of a painting and the real space behind it. A space activated with colour that appropriates and implicates the wall.

The installations assert the three dimensional materiality of the object while articulating the line and referring to the two dimensional plane. There is a resulting tension between line and space that heightens our perception of the space occupied by the work.

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