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My Metro Lite

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Elizabeth Tisdale
at chashama 266
10 Aug 2017 - 10 Sep 2017

Added by chashama

My Metro Lite | Elizabeth Tisdale

Presented by Chashama

August 10 - September 10, 2017

266 W 37th Street
New York, NY
(between 7th and 8th ave.)

Nearest Trains: A, C, E, 1, 2, 3
Open Hours: Thursday - Friday, 3-7pm
Viewable through the window 24/7 

Artist Reception: Thursday, August 17, 6:30-9pm

My Metro Lite brings together a collection of Elizabeth Tisdale's "city- influenced and city-themed" works from the past seven years. These works, both serious and whimsical, touch on the issue of 'My Private City,' the ways in which living in a city has protected, educated, terrified, and annoyed Tisdale. The 'privacy' aspect of this collection is concerned with the changes over time in both her city experience and in herself.

In a city consumed by prevalent hand-held devices, which offer users an alternate reality on a minute-by-minute basis, Tisdale's continued use of a "non-smart" cell phone has offered her a constant contrast of experience to those around her. 

"The city has changed, and so have I. A truly private experience is possible here." Benefitting from both their age and lack of constant distraction, Tisdale feels that her and her peers, individuals over fifty who have not adopted smart phones, are rendered "invisible and free to witness and interact with their surroundings." Tisdale has been experimenting with small acts of public disobedience during rush hour commutes. Finding that nobody breaks away from their phones long enough to take note of her mischief, she has delighted in "the privacy possible in very public places."

About the Artist 
Elizabeth Tisdale has lived, made art, and exhibited in both solo and group shows in New York City for more than four decades. This past winter, she had a solo showing of her ink on fabric drawings at The Phatory. She is an alumnus of both the School of Visual Arts and of the New York Studio school and has been a workspace beneficiary of Chashama's Space to Create program for the past six years.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact: mpathlight@gmail.com

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