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"Our Billy and me" - new works on board by Elspeth Shannon

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Elspeth Shannon
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Dec 2015 - 31 Dec 2015

Added by Zimmerman

The small works in this new show by Elspeth Shannon all feature images of children with animals.

Almost as if we’ve chanced upon snapshots from an old family album, the works take us back to times past, reminders of the furred and feathered friends with whom we shared long summers and special secrets.

The artist has supplied the following commentary on this show:

"I’m cautious about over explaining, preferring to let viewers bring their own meaning to the work. Having said that, I’m mindful that some viewers like to know what the artist was intending. 

In this series of small framed paintings, I’ve been immersed in the cute factor.

Children with animals have generated a warm fuzzy feeling through countless generations, resulting in endless staged photographs, fortuitous candid ones, TV videos and more recently they’ve been infiltrating every aspect of social media.

What is it about these relationships that we find so irresistibly endearing?

Perhaps it’s a recognition, through our adult eyes and experiences, of an innocence and trust that can only be found in the very young.

Painting on a small scale like this has enabled me to engage with the whole work at once so that I can focus on the painting process and broad gesture which, increasingly, is taking priority over detailed subject matter."

“Our Billy and me” runs at Zimmerman Art Gallery from 1st to 31st December. 

untitled_with_frilly_chook_elspeth_shannon_2015_oil_on_board_295_x_245mm untitled_with_terrier_elspeth_shannon_2015_._framed_oil_on_board_570_x_475mm untitled_with_old_car_elspeth_shannon_2015_._framed_oil_on_board_590_x_460mm.

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