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Meredith Collins - 'The Last Girl on Earth'

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Meredith Collins
at Whitespace
8 Oct 2008 - 26 Oct 2008

Added by Dib I am continuing to look at the ideas of lineage and the things we pass down to our children; my latest body of work focuses on our potential. In all the work there is a recurring duo of the same girl, one fully rendered and one faded. This imagery conveys ideas of who we are, who we could be or want to be but aren’t yet. Ideas of the imaginary friend are also conjured but the faded image hints at something deeper. Perhaps a spiritual awareness or awakening can be sensed.

Tuesday October 7 – October 25 2008

12 crummer rd ponsonby auckland
new zealand
hours tues-fri 11-6, sat 11-4
ph: 09 361 6331

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