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Live Drawings - 1964 - 2017

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Barry Cleavin
at Brett McDowell Gallery
12 May 2017 - 2 Jun 2017

Added by Brett

Barry Cleavin is New Zealand's most influential and esteemed printmaker. Live Drawings - 1964 - 2017 is a survey of over 30 drawings and is Barry Cleavin's tenth exhibition at Brett McDowell Gallery.

640x640gt-barry_cleavin_3_of_hearts 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_foreshortening 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_len_bon_bonbon_napoleon 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_jordi_savall 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_tank_and_triceratops 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_the_wide_moa 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_elephant 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_after_pascin 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_untitled_sutherland_flying_boat 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_untitled_live_drawing_man_with_arms_reaching_up 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_saturday_queens_birthday_weekend_1984 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_untitled_live_drawing_1964 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_undulata_vulgaris 640x640gt-barry_cleavin_untitled_live_drawing_blue_ink

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