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James Robinson - Continuum

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James Robinson
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Feb 2016 - 29 Feb 2016

Added by Zimmerman

This month, Zimmerman Art Gallery features Continuum – a selection of mixed media works on paper from an ongoing series by James Robinson.

“Works on paper” is actually a deceptively tame description for these fascinating pieces – in signature Robinson style, these works are an extraordinary fusion of painting, drawing, collage, text and deliberate desecration.

There’s a characteristic psychological intensity to the works – Robinson’s self-described “paperwork habit” is perhaps more accurately classified as an artistic obsession, a familiar medium through which the artist assiduously continues and expands on his earlier bodies of work.

Complex existential ideas interplay with doodles and slogans; ancient Eastern mystical ideas are punctuated with symbols of Western culture and New Age thinking; gaping black astral holes open up within finely detailed surfaces.

The exhibition of James Robinson’s mixed media works on paper runs at Zimmerman Art Gallery until Monday 29 February 2016.

Brief artist bio

Robinson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Otago), and was Paramount Winner of the Wallace Art Awards in 2007 (widely regarded as New Zealand’s most prestigious contemporary art award). Robinson has completed a number of highly regarded artist residencies, including at McCahon House (2007), the William Hodges Fellowship (2013), and residencies in New York (2008) and East Berlin (2009).

Artist’s statement

“This series


is an edit from

a paperwork

habit of the last few years

- where internal

and external narratives and

collage techniques


are allowed to

mutate freely.


Stress, awareness,


existential moral

crisis of civilisation

unconsciousness of

myself my world all

belonging to the

“Jingle Jangle morning”



possibilities of



I feel inner knowing

witnessing making


creative adaption


is Holy ground

that Art can

speak from.


As apparently



dyslexic depressed

and Non- Linear


attempts are at



of self time

and place can be

the process is the path!”

James Robinson


(Wellington, 2016)


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