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In front, behind, side-by-side

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Helen Calder
at Antoinette Godkin
7 Sep 2011 - 15 Oct 2011

Added by Vav God Calder’s latest works continue her manipulations of paint and colour. These works are composed of long multiple coloured strips of acrylic paint hanging in layers from steel pins. These rubbery peeled pourings are variously suggestive of shed skins, oddly coloured layered pastries or melting sweets. Free from a backing of canvas or board, they assume a distinctive form as they cure. Calder has, as in earlier work, allowed a balance between control and accident in the process. Gravity, visocity and temperature play a part in shaping the skins. Rather than locking the paint to a surface, the vertical nature of a hanging painting is used as a given in shaping the work. The fluid paint, once dry enough, is peeled from its plastic and hung to begin a subtle downward movement, discernable at its hanging point as a stretched ‘o’ and along its edges which twist and curl.

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