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I make therefore I am - multi-media works by Mia Hamilton

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Mia Hamilton
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
2 Jun 2015 - 30 Jun 2015

Added by Zimmerman

This month Zimmerman Art Gallery is hosting the Manawatu debut of Wellington-based multi-media artist, Mia Hamilton.

Hamilton's first show at Zimmerman Art Gallery, I make therefore I am, comprises an eclectic mix of materials and textures.

The works range in scale from petite ceramic hammers to fantastically over-sized French knitting. No material is too humble for Hamilton’s creative purposes – even danger tape and silage wrap are fashioned by the artist into desirable objects of art.

Mia Hamilton has been a full time artist since 2008. In this time she has held 12 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 50 group shows.

Hamilton’s artistic practice centres around two major recurring themes: domestic scale ceramic works, and endearingly oversized artistic installations.

Large installation works

Hamilton’s larger than life installation works are inspired by recollections of childhood activities or remembered objects.

"As a child of the 70s my mother taught me how to crochet, knit and sew. It comes out in my art a lot. I just can't help myself."

Major installations by the artist have been exhibited at a number of exhibition venues in New Zealand and Australia, including:

- Sculpture by the Sea (Sydney and Perth)
- Headland Sculpture on the Gulf (Waiheke Island)
- Sculpture in the Gardens (Auckland)
- NZ Sculpture OnShore (North Shore)
- Dowse's Shapeshifter exhibition (Lower Hutt)

Domestic scale works

The other major part of Hamilton’s art practice centres on domestic-sized ceramic pieces.

A number of Hamilton’s ceramic works are tactile vessels and tools - not necessarily functional, these objects enable the artist to explore texture and form.

"My bowls are simply an exploration of structure and texture, demanding to be touched.  My hope is that they will nourish those that live with them.”

Other ceramic pieces find expression in what Hamilton dubs “jewellery for walls” – unique and quirky pieces modelled on the artist’s fascination with contemporary New Zealand jewellery.

Hamilton’s domestic scale works have been selected for a number of National art award exhibitions, including:

- Portage Ceramic Awards
- Parkin Drawing Prize
- Small Sculpture Awards
- No. 8 Wire Art Awards
- National Contemporary Art Awards
- Estuary Art Awards
- Signature Art Awards

In 2011, Hamilton was Potter in Residence at the Wellington Potters Association.

Hamilton holds a Diploma of Interior Design (London), a Diploma of Art & Creativity (Wellington) and a Bachelor of Business Studies (Palmerston North).

Hamilton’s exhibition at Zimmerman Art Gallery runs until Tuesday 30 June


- Daisy blanket outdoor installation - the blanket is comprised of multiple daisies, each individually handmade from “danger tape”, then crocheted together

- Selection of hammers and mallet - heights range from 27cm (small ceramic hammer) to 36cm (ceramic mallet with wooden handle)

- Retro Caravan Charm – turquoise - ceramic wall sculpture (caravan measures 14 x 19cm, chain measurements variable)

- Mia Hamilton with one of her oversized outdoor installation works, French Knitting. The work is created from recycled silage wraps, which Mia painstakingly cleans and sews together. The re-formed wraps are then “knitted” by hand on a modified industrial cable reel, producing the distinctive tubular cord associated with the French knitting technique

selection_of_hammers_and_mallet retro_caravan_charm_-_turquoise french_knitting_installation

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