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I am not afraid - new paintings by Naga Tsutsumi

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Naga Tsutsumi
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Jul 2015 - 31 Jul 2015

Added by Zimmerman

“I am not afraid…
of being a painter
of being a painter who is a father
of being a painter father whose income is irregular or could be none”
- Naga Tsutsumi (2015)

With a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa, Tsutsumi has exhibited in over 30 solo and group exhibitions in New Zealand, USA and Japan.

His exhibition at Zimmerman Art Gallery this month, titled I am not afraid, comprises a series of new mixed media paintings on board. The exhibition runs from 1 to 31 July 2015. 

Artist's statement:

“What does figurative art achieve? If not a portrait, religious painting, illustration, or life study, what will your figurative work be, or be good for? I like to use figures in my painting or drawing, and this question always gives me a heavy burden."

"To me figurative art is the way to translate a scene, or a moment of something unordinary and mysterious, into a picture … or to reflect ourselves raising a question about our past, current life and future … or for me to share with other people an aesthetic vision I have. Paying respect to art history, and to preceding great masters of figurative art, is something I like to do in my work too."

"I check other people’s work - regardless of whether they are famous, old masters, contemporary artists, outsiders or academy members - by browsing the web, going to the art section of the library and visiting galleries. I find paintings I like, and question myself as to why I like these specific pieces. It is usually not a single factor; sometimes many different factors seem to be weaved perfectly and appeal to me."

"Making figurative art is like making a movie or directing a theatrical play. You have to think about casting: what roles actors play in the picture, what clothes they wear, what kind of bodies they have, what you would like them to speak. Also what sort of light, colour scheme and mood you would like for the picture."

"My painting is the result of my study, research, trials and errors of painting practice. It also works as a communication tool, for conversation with another self.”

generalist_2015_55_x_49_cm liberalists_2015_50_x_68_cm

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