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'Here I am, Hello'

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Andrew Gomez
at Whitespace
23 Apr 2008 - 11 May 2008

Added by Dib 'Here I am, Hello' is a proclamation about life in a big city, about not quite belonging and about feeling left behind...It seems everywhere I go there are different rules on how to eat, how to talk, who to talk to, who you can touch, when to smile, when to laugh, when to sit, when to walk. All these 'guidelines' which are meant to help us, in fact, are steadily making us lose the ability to interact on a personal, intimate level. With the advent of ever-evolving technology, this impersonality is not only becoming a reality but a factual way of life. You can get to know a person without ever meeting them physically. That scares me.

The show makes a point of including artists who are yet to finish their fine arts education in order to give them a taste of the industry.
Artists include Amy Alcock, James O'Connor, and Luke Willis Thompson.
The show is curated by Andrew Gomez.

12 crummer rd ponsonby auckland new zealand
hours tues-fri 11-6, sat 11-4

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