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Greer Twiss

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Greer Twiss
at Whitespace
19 May 2010 - 6 Jun 2010

Added by Dib Painting Ponsonby

just a flat white thanks, and a Vogue and a seat
I wonder what Manet would have made of Ponsonby
snappy bare bellied women, flesh over jean tops, strutting their baby buggies from boutique to café
men in suits, seated from nine on, their place of business, let's meet for breakfast.
No aperitif, no absinthe, just a latté and a laptop
a cell phone and maybe a Porsche.

I saw a hearse once in Paris, horse drawn, black ostrich plume and all
a carved black aquarium on wheels , you couldn't see the corpse though

Just like the Ponsonby buggies, black and wheeled, no ostrich plume , more's the pity
And you still can't see the occupant, baby Jane, look at her photograph as we sip our latté
I wonder what Manet would have made of photoshop.

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