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Gathered Fragments

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Dalene Meiring
at Parnell Gallery
12 Jun 2012 - 26 Jun 2012

Added by Anna.Souness Dalene Meiring takes you into her world of narrative canvases and thought provoking narration as she explores and reflects on moments in time, and ultimately in the magic found in every day life. “I try to impose a visual and emotional experience in my paintings, to remind myself of a place, time or memory, although the exactness of that moment will sometimes evade me”. Meirings canvasses have a fine balance between her portraits of women, living creatures and timeless objects that are seen in our day to day lives. Every painting depicts a new world that carries you from reality to the slightly obscure where fragments, although often incomplete, create and capture a harmonious vision of life. Her paintings are rich in colour, harmonious in form and portray a balance between vitality and silent meditation.

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