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Fran Dibble

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Fran Dibble
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Jun 2011 - 30 Jun 2011

Added by Zimmerman During the month of June, ZIMMERMAN is featuring the works of Palmerston North artist Fran Dibble. With a background in biochemistry and botany, Fran’s work reflects the artist’s interest in both natural history and New Zealand flora. The following commentary on Fran’s work is taken from the artist’s statement. When the continent of Gondwanaland majestically split, New Zealand floated off with its Noah’s ark of travellers. In southern seas, its ecosystem sat in isolation to develop a habitat both distinct and bountiful. Change occurred within the isolation, but with other factors determining the mix: areas turning hot and others cold; a period of partial submersion under smothering seas; the introduction of new things blown on winds, or riding waves clutching wooden branches. In new conditions, plants make their own adaptations; producing fine leaves to slow-grazing moa, or growing robust to grip a hill in winds. Together it becomes an amalgamation, juxtapositions of texture and colour. The artist’s works on display at ZIMMERMAN retain these same methods of combination. Some of the plants depicted in the works are from New Zealand flora, while some are obvious introductions. There are adapted pictures of simple lower plants, blown up to an unnatural scale, and sea plants like algae. Recent studies show marine life and drawings loosely based on monographs of the biologist Ernest Haeckel, many of which have developed and altered into forms that resemble part flower, part jellyfish. The artist’s paper works utilize a variety of different papers; found sheets from auto-radiographs, or the pages from an old copy of Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. Some are painted as purely abstract, these panels placed within the mix. They vary and balance the composition, some with strong lines and grids, and others more ephemeral and evocative. Fitted together they assume unity: formalist arrangements that celebrate the beauty of biological structures and aesthetic play. Fran Dibble will continue to exhibit at ZIMMERMAN through the month of July, together with bronze sculptor Paul Dibble. The exhibition of Fran and Paul Dibble’s work at ZIMMERMAN is timed to coincide with “Sources”: an exhibition at Te Manawa that provides insight into the sources informing the Dibble’s respective artistic practices. Selected works by Fran and Paul Dibble will also be exhibited at Taylor Jensen Fine Arts from 17 June to 12 July.

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