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Bruce Luxford

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Bruce Luxford
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Feb 2013 - 28 Feb 2013

Added by Zimmerman

Bruce Luxford’s compositions are both surreal and provocative, questioning the effectiveness of our attempts to alienate and transfer land, and the merits of proposals to develop the natural environment.

In his “parcels of land” paintings, Luxford interprets the phrase literally, depicting the environment as a commodity divided into discrete parcels, ready to be gifted or sold. Tracts of New Zealand wilderness are cheerfully bound in bright ribbons and bows, giant gifts plucked from the landscape, ready to be presented to the new owners.

Yet beyond these gaily coloured gifts lie indications that not everyone concurs with these attempted transfers. From the prehistoric bones of ancestors, to the solemn heads of Southern men rising from the soil, these silent onlookers are reminders of other creatures and generations who have inhabited these lands, and who retain connections with it.

Luxford’s "Golden Promises" continues to explore our treatment of the natural environment. In this painting, golden forms hover over the untouched landscape, indicative of the money-making possibilities commercial developers may see in this pristine place. Yet symbolically dark clouds already extend across the sky, portents of the impact that promises of development may bring, should we decide to allow it to proceed.

More playful are Luxford’s "Weather" works, reminiscent of the lyrics, “Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you”. Luxford’s beach-goers are picture-perfect, idealised figures with unblemished skins, free of freckles and tan-lines, in sunny yellow and red bathing costumes. As surreal as their surroundings, two young girls bask in golden sunlight, enjoying the brilliant summer weather that exists only within the span of their sun umbrella.

In "Takes His Weather", the prevailing beach conditions are reversed, and a young couple run along the surf, enjoying each other’s company and the sunny day. This idyllic scene is no less surreal than the solitary foreground figure, a man dressed for winter, whose raised black brolly casts a stormy shadow across the summery scene.

We welcome you to call by ZIMMERMAN this month, to view these and other recent works by Bruce Luxford.


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