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Aaron Waghorn

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Aaron Waghorn
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Oct 2011 - 31 Oct 2011

Added by Zimmerman This month’s featured artist at ZIMMERMAN is painter Aaron Waghorn. Born and raised in Palmerston North, Aaron Waghorn holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Wanganui Quay School of Arts (1998-2001). Now living in Wellington, Aaron's studio is an abandoned concrete garage cut into a steep hillside, a space in which it makes no difference how much paint is dripped or dribbled onto the floor or splattered against the walls. Perhaps it is the freedom offered by this make-shift studio that encourages the artist's continued experimentation, the works here at ZIMMERMAN displaying a variety of media and techniques. There are works on canvas combining acrylic and sand, works on paper exhibiting both pale drips and bold colour rays, and subjects either unmistakably indigenous or quirkily exotic. Aaron derives his ideas from a range of sources; magazines, the internet, movies and books all offer ideas and images that the artist appropriates to create his own form of artistic expression. Yet things are not always as they seem - is that guy holding a camera or a gun? Could the Middle Eastern male actually be Japanese? Is that lighter fluid being tossed by the man into the dry bushes beneath the tree hut? Our sense of the familiar is interrupted by the unexpected and the abstract - the narratives behind the artist's paintings not always easily discerned. The blue and red "Tui" works require less mental gymnastics - here a familiar native bird perches on a kowhai branch, seemingly oblivious to our watching eyes. Yet these canvases too hold their own secrets - a closer look reveals a glint of sand, trapped between the canvas and paint, bringing its own unique texture to the solid blocks of blue and orange-red. This is an artist intent on experimenting; pushing boundaries to produce works with hidden surprises for the attentive viewer.

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