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Matt Dutton

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Matt Dutton
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Sep 2011 - 30 Sep 2011

Added by Zimmerman This month’s featured artist at ZIMMERMAN is Whanganui painter, Matt Dutton. Matt Dutton has drawn and painted all his life. Growing up in the Manchester area, Matt had access to a range of art galleries from a young age. “I can remember days spent at the Whitworth Art Gallery, which houses work by such masters as Constable, Gainsborough, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso and Klee.” While Matt’s favourite works are those of Chagall, he also draws inspiration from Willi Sitte's portrait work and Banksy's social commentary. Matt’s own work exhibits a range of techniques; from palette-knife impasto work to multi-layered stencilling. The subjects of Matt’s works are varied, with three key examples currently on display at ZIMMERMAN. The “Jay Walking” series presents us with a series of Palmerston North City street scenes. Familiar scenes are presented to us in a fresh new ways – these are not idyllic views painted al fresco on the footpath, but are cleverly captured views as if seen from a windscreen, glimpsed while crossing the street, or viewed from the window of a multi-storey building. The artist’s “Knowledge” paintings place less emphasis on the subject of the painting - the subject is almost an after-thought, as the work is essentially process-driven. Affectionately dubbed by the artist as his “recycled” paintings, new images restore life to previously abandoned or finished works. Matt’s repertoire also includes a strong portrait practice - and it is this aspect of his practice for which the artist has perhaps become best known. Images of the artist’s friends and acquaintances gaze out at us, patches of olive, tangerine and salmon blending to create portraits both recognizable yet unashamedly painterly. This, then, is the gift the artist gives us: the ability to view the old and familiar in fresh and interesting new ways.

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