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Esprit de Hoop | The Hoop Movement

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Amy Lorene
at 55 Broadway
14 Jun 2017 - 15 Jun 2017

Added by chashama

Esprit de Hoop | The Hoop Movement

June 14 - June 15, 2017

55 Broadway
New York, NY
(between Morris Street and Exchange Alley)
Generously donated by Harbor Group Management Company

Nearest Trains: 4, 5, R

Performances: Wednesday & Thursday, June 14 & 15, 8 - 9:30pm

Admission Fees: 

Fancy HoopDancey - $30 LED Glow Jam - $15 Both nights for $40   

Open Hours: On view 24/7, through window.

Esprit de Hoop begins with a hoop collection installed overhead. Each hoop is a contribution from a member of our NYC hooping community, and each is accompanied by a message about how the hooper’s life has transformed for the better by participating in this community. The installation serves as a tangible representation of our community’s connections, which continues to deepen and grow exponentially.

Wednesday evening - Fancy HoopDancey
Amy is offering a workshop where she will coach hoopers through adding stylized flourishes to their hoop dance. Participants will uncover new avenues to self expression and develop new ways to create more eloquent shapes and lines, articulating and punctuating through legs, arms, feet, hips, hands and more. Hoop dancers will also explore timing, musicality, and rhythm in this workshop.

Thursday evening - Glow Jam
As flow artists, we are able to tap into a blissful state where time and space collapse; where mental chaos and clutter dissolve into pure virtuosity. We transcend ourselves in these moments. Our bodies are guided by somatic epiphanies, unfolding from moment to moment. And, what’s more - there is magic in group flow. The energetic state of the collective is magnified when we’re in the presence of other artists in their flow state. We feel that inspiration surge through us and inform our movement. For this exhibition “hoop jam,” hoop dancers and flow artists are using props made with LED lights in them - creating a swirling spectacle of multi-colored light in the dark of night, creating trails in what is known as “persistence of vision.”

About the Artist
A Public School Health Educator for 18 years, Amy Lorene has devoted her life to teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom. With a 30+ year dance background, Amy has performed hoop dance for clients nationwide such as Cirque du Soleil, Major League Baseball, The National Museum of Play, & America's Got Talent.

She leads The Hoop Movement, a collective of movement artists, performers, and students who use the hula hoop as a dance partner and fitness tool. Their aim is to engage, entertain, and inspire New Yorkers of all ages to PLAY by offering custom handmade hoops, hooping classes, workshops, formal performances, and community events in and around New York City.

A licensed fire performer, Amy has taught hoop and fire dance at New England Flow Fest and Return to Roots Festival, and is a performer and talent curator for Gratitude Migration Festival. She has organized and hosted the annual World Hoop Day in NYC and NYC’s premiere of the documentary film, “The Hooping Life.” Amy & The Hoop Movement have been spotted hooping around the City at Dance Parade New York, the Garment District Art Festival, the Dept. of Transportation’s “Car Free NYC,” the Parks Department's “Summer on the Hudson,” and chashama’s annual gala.

Look for them soon in NYC’s Summer Streets event and in Bryant Park for a kids’ workshop!

Find out more at www.thehoopmovement.com
For information or appointments, please contact amy@thehoopmovement.com

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