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Elspeth Shannon

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Elspeth Shannon
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Sep 2012 - 29 Sep 2012

Added by Zimmerman This month ZIMMERMAN contemporary art gallery is delighted to feature new works on board by painter Elspeth Shannon. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with honours) from Massey University, Shannon exhibits both skill and sensitivity in her portrayal of people and animals, past and present. Her new framed works, smaller than those in Shannon’s previous show at ZIMMERMAN, are tenderly rendered portraits. Some portray subjects with deeply personal meaning for the artist, while others are inspired by chance encounters and imagined narratives. There is a sprinkling of familiar faces – people dear to the artist, and others whom the wider public has taken to heart. Whether the subjects of her portraits are famous for their contribution to the fine arts or to popular culture, Shannon reveals a softer, more vulnerable, side to these famous men than we might expect. These men are, after all, as human as we are. In other portraits, the people appear almost as backdrops, convenient props for the pets who command centre stage. Yet the bonds between human and animal are clearly discernible – whether it be loyalty, affection, joy or dependency that the portrait conveys, each relationship is as varied as the humans and animals portrayed. There is also a sprinkling of commemorative portraits, memorials to people and animals who are part of our shared history. The simply titled Rena is the artist’s response to the toll of man-made disasters on our wildlife, while Mrs Chippy portrays the ill-fated feline who journeyed with Sir Ernest Shackleton to the Antarctic. Whatever the inspiration behind each work, we welcome to you to stop by ZIMMERMAN this month to form your own associations, and imagine your own stories, in response to Shannon’s new works. ZIMMERMAN contemporary art gallery is open 10am - 4pm daily (including weekends).

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