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'Elsewhere' and 'Constellatron'

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Brydee Rood and Peter Trevelyan
at Blue Oyster Gallery
23 Aug 2007 - 9 Sep 2007

Added by OO The Blue Oyster Gallery is proud to present

Brydee Rood


Peter Trevelyan

Opening 5.30 p.m. 21st August to 8th September, 2007.

Brydee Rood - Elsewhere
Elsewhere to elsewhere
The lower gallery offers a kind of containment, in which I would like the work
firstly to inhabit and then push beyond: Things from elsewhere taking over the
habitat, seeking new niches as the project migrates into the realms of the upper
gallery. The self inflating project swells with linkages of changing grounds; shrinking worlds; breeding and spreading: An adaptation of materiality and usage that undulates about the gallery space in a way that by its own intervention hopes to push out a kind of altered land for the viewing animal to encounter, activate and disperse. The idea is sculptural with reference to drawings and diagrams for the development of overblown thoughts. Physically and censoriously the project is composed of petroleum derivatives, plastics, silage wraps and the like, using colour as a contaminant.

The human spectators of the art-habitat take away the artificial wafting scent, something to remember, a synthetic nasal blow: Actively proliferating the idea of going beyond boundaries, diffusing elsewhere.
Text supplied by the artist 2007

Peter Trevelyan - 'constellatron'
An interactive light installation
image supplied by the artist 2007

Kind regards,
Michelle Armistead
Blue Oyster Gallery
tues-fri. 11am-5pm
sat. 12-3pm
ph +64 3 479 0197

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