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DYSTOPIA FILTER IV | Curated by Stephen Holding

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Eric Araujo, Debbie Allen, Jack Byers, Chombo, Donald Claudius, Naomi Cohen Thompson, Justin Counter, Darkclouds, Adrienne Dowd, Percy Fortini Wright, Cydney Gottlieb, Stephen Holding, Tricia Keightley, Jay La Couture, Gregory Maxim Burdett, Asif Mian, Jonathan Mildenberg, Russell Murphy, George Mutschler, Adam O'day, Agustin Orengo, Nineta Power, Jordan Seiler, Eliza Stamps, Pt Sullivan, Nick Zaremba and Matt Zaremba
at 470 Vanderbilt by RXR Realty
12 Aug 2017 - 1 Sep 2017

Added by chashama

DYSTOPIA FILTER IV | Curated by Stephen Holding

August 12 - September 1, 2017


470 Vanderbilt by RXR Realty

Brooklyn, NY

(on the corner of Atlantic & Vanderbilt Avenues)


Nearest Trains: C,G, and a short walk from the Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center Station

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 12, 7-10pm

Open Hours:
Monday - Friday, 7pm-10pm
Saturday and Sunday, 12pm-7:30pm
Visible through windows 24/7.

We all serve as filters of information and sensations. Constantly capturing a seemingly endless variety of sensory input both visible and invisible, what we absorb from this landscape of information shapes who we are and what we do. DYSTOPIA FILTER IV is geared towards those who use these filtered bits and pieces of modern life to create their own creative vision(s), and serves to provide a forum for these varying modes of creation to overlap, interact and unfold.


DYSTOPIA FILTER IV is the latest in an ongoing series of multimedia art exhibitions based in Brooklyn, NY and curated by Brooklyn-based artist and curator Stephen Holding. Past exhibitions have featured an increasingly wide range of media and practices, and DFIV continues this tradition by featuring artists working in video, painting, sculpture, photography, installation and more.


Participating Artists and Curator

Eric Araujo Debbie Allen Jack Byers Chombo Donald Claudius Naomi Cohen-Thompson Justin Counter Darkclouds Adrienne Dowd Percy Fortini-Wright Cydney Gottlieb Stephen Holding Tricia Keightley Jay LaCouture Gregory Maxim-Burdett Asif Mian Jonathan Mildenberg Russell Murphy George Mutschler Adam O’Day Agustin Orengo Nineta Power Jordan Seiler Eliza Stamps PT Sullivan Nick Zaremba Matt Zaremba
For more information or appointments, please contact Stephen Holding at holdingstudios@gmail.com

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