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Day Tripped

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Marie Le lievre
at Antoinette Godkin
6 Jul 2011 - 30 Jul 2011

Added by Vav God Marie Le Lievre, despite the ascendancy of acrylic paint, works in oil. Only oil allows her to experiment with a multitude of random potential textures, pigment bleeds, stains, ripples and crackles, oceanic depth of colour, and vitreous lustre ... Colour is increasingly strident in its own right as a compositional device, highlighting Le Lievre’s dedicated working and reworking the luscious painted surface into something, though flat, is almost sculptural with intensity. - Andrew Paul Wood

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Wow, that image looks insane. Kind of Rothko meets... I don't know what. Some sort of messed up Warhol but much more organic? Looks very interesting and anything APW likes is surely worth two looks.

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