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Creative Palmerston North - Celebrating Community Involvement in the Arts

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Fran Dibble
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Apr 2013 - 30 Apr 2013

Added by Zimmerman

This month, coinciding with the gallery’s third anniversary, ZIMMERMAN is celebrating community involvement in the arts in Palmerston North.

WHY? The arts are an integral part of a healthy culture. By providing appropriate venues and opportunities for involvement, organisations that support community arts initiatives contribute to Palmerston North’s vision as a “vibrant, caring, creative and sustainable city”.

WHO? ZIMMERMAN is celebrating the work of three community organisations, who each contribute in different ways to Palmerston North’s vision of being a vibrant, caring, creative and sustainable city:

• Community Arts Palmerston North
• Te Manawa Art Society Incorporated
• S+ART (Science Technology + ART Trust)

These three groups were initially chosen due to Director Bronwyn Zimmerman’s active role on the governance boards of each. However, these three groups also represent a cross-section of the breadth of community-based arts initiatives in Palmerston North, serving different communities of interest and supplying different outcomes to our City’s residents.

HOW? Each of the three profiled groups will be represented in the gallery by one or more installations or exhibits, together with information on options for joining, supporting or finding out more about each group. Please take this opportunity to ask any questions, sign up as a member or interested party, or to offer your suggestions or support.

WHEN? The feature runs throughout April 2013.

We welcome you to call by ZIMMERMAN this month to find out more about each of these diverse community-based groups. Meantime, some "quick facts" about each group is set out below, as well as ways in which you can become involved or express your support.


Quick Facts about Community Arts Palmerston North:
• A registered charity, incorporated since 1972
• Manages the Square Edge Arts Centre
• Governed by nine local volunteers
• Three part-time employees
• See www.communityarts.org.nz

How can I become involved in Community Arts, or express my support?
• Become a member of Community Arts – membership is free
• Visit the Square Edge gallery spaces, shops and OE Cafe
• Book one of Square Edge’s venue spaces for a function, seminar, performance or exhibition
• Make a donation (donations are tax deductible)
• Donate quality art-making materials or volunteer your time at the Arts Recycling Centre shop


Quick Facts about Te Manawa Art Society:
• A registered charity, incorporated since 1956
• Owns art works valued at almost $6 million
• Works closely with Te Manawa staff on proposed art acquisitions, exhibitions and events
• Governed by 12 local volunteers
• See www.temanawa.co.nz/te-manawa-art-society.html

How can I become involved in Te Manawa Art Society, or express my support?
• Become a member – annual subscription $25 (or $40 for two people)
• Go to see exhibitions at Te Manawa Art Gallery
• Buy the Art Society’s book Collectively Speaking ($35)
• Attend an Arts Cafe
• Make a donation (donations are tax deductible)


Quick Facts about S+ART:
• Trust formed in 2012
• Charitable status pending
• Promotes artscience collaborations
• Governed by five local volunteers
• See www.startnewzealand.org.nz

How can I become involved in S+ART, or express my support?
• Sign up to receive communications about S+ART activities and opportunities to be involved
• Submit a comment, idea or initiative to S+ART’s website - www.startnewzealand.org.nz
• Offer to host Fran Dibble’s installation for S+ART at your educational institution / business premises
• Make a donation

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