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Deborah White
at Whitespace
3 Jun 2009 - 28 Jun 2009

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Meredith Collins
Nicky Foreman
Scott Gardiner
Alexis Hunter
Virginia King
Mary McIntyre
Peter Miller
Nic Moon
James Ormsby
Grant Whibley
Greer Twiss
Bing Dawe
Jeff Thomson
02 Jun 2009 - 27 Jun 2009 OPENING:
Tue-Fri 11-6pm, Sat 11-4pm, 02 Jun 2009

Birds have always been an integral subject matter in the discourse of New Zealand Art History. Artists such as Din Binney, Bill Hammond, and more recently Shane Cotton and Michael Parekowhai, have cemented the notion of birds in New Zealand art as symbols of social, political and local culture. Although these notions may change between artists, and between audiences, the fact that they have now come to represent a deep social conscious within New Zealand is testament to their importance and relevance in New Zealand art. Carl Jung, philosopher, thinker and psychologist, coined the term ‘collective unconscious’, referring to the undeniable collective recognition of symbols or icons that, says Jung, is ‘a reservoir of the experiences of our species’. Birds hold a certain collective unconscious recognition in the experiences of New Zealanders; they are a symbol of freedom, beauty and nature, all ideals we associate our nation with......... I have just been in Dusky and Doubtful Sound in Fiordland for 6 days on a boat, listening for Cook\'s chorus of birdsong, and it was almost silent thanks to stoats and rats! Nic Moon...... In support of Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand www.forestandbird.org.nz www.forestandbird.org.nz

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