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Celebrating the Life and Art of the Late Dr Brian Booth

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Dr Brian Booth
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Jul 2013 - 31 Jul 2013

Added by Zimmerman

During the month of July, Zimmerman Art Gallery is celebrating the life and art of the late Dr Brian Booth.

Dr Booth, who passed away last September aged 92, was a tireless advocate for the value of strong local communities. The former GP was a regular submitter at the Palmerston North City Council's planning and policy committee meetings, up to his final submission in August last year.

In Dr Booth's vision, all necessary services - such as a health centre, post office and shops - should be within walking distance of the people who live in surburban communities. He believed that building strong local communities helped to reduce dependence on cars, fostered a sense of belonging, and encouraged people to look after their neighbours. "It's all very complex, and yet simple enough. Just start with the poor suburbs, and fix them first."

This social passion is colourfully portrayed in Dr Booth's vibrant pastel and acrylic artworks. He celebrates humble towns and villages, where people go about their daily lives against a backdrop of cheery clusters of buildings. Human dramas play out in public spaces: these are people who know and interact with each other. His streets, conspicuously devoid of cars and parking meters, often feature people out and about in the fresh air. "It's good for people to wheel the pram down to the shops, and have no hassle trying to find a park."

In March this year, a park bench was donated to Palmerston North by Dr Booth's children, to honour his long commitment to the community. Marked by a plaque, the bench is beside the southernmost entrance to the Esplanade, off Fitzherbert Avenue.

The exhibition at Zimmerman Art Gallery runs from 1 - 31 July 2013.








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