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Carolyn Stephens

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Carolyn Stephens
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
2 Mar 2011 - 1 Apr 2011

Added by Zimmerman Whanganui artist Carolyn Stephens enjoys a diverse artistic practice, constantly seeking to follow her own path and extend her creative boundaries. By dividing her former living room into three separate workstations, Carolyn easily moves between drawing, painting and mixed media works - this is an artist who loves what she's doing, and never lacks for motivation. Carolyn's paintings each tell a story, inspired by personal experiences, feelings, dreams and conversations. Yet the deeply personal content of the artist's paintings appears both positive and assured, each work conveying the sense of a quest or journey along a path full of promise. The artist's Seeker Series of acrylic on board paintings suggests a journey that is both surreal and surely travelled. Drawing on both Celtic imagery and symbols rich in personal meaning, the artist's red-robed figure travels silently and assuredly toward opportunities and challenges as yet unseen. The sureness of journey in the artist's Seeker Series is, perhaps subconsciously, balanced by a sense of vulnerability in Carolyn's collage and graphite works. In the artist's Sparrow Series, soft-feathered sparrows perch delicately on frayed ropes, resting for the moment, but alert and ready to take flight at the slightest disturbance. The artist's Recycled Fashion series, which incorporates media as diverse as dressmaking tissue, feathers and rags, conveys a similar sense of fragility and impermanence. Yet, whatever the artist's inspiration or intent, Carolyn Stephen's works are able to be enjoyed without any back story, on a purely aesthetic level.

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