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Cam Munroe
at Zimmerman Art Gallery
1 Oct 2015 - 31 Oct 2015

Added by Zimmerman

Bonanza is a word derived from the Spanish language, which literally translates as “smooth sea”.

In selecting this word as the title for her new show at Zimmerman Art Gallery, artist Cam Munroe explains: 

“A calm sea, or a calm mind-set, is a state of being that, while not always attainable, is worth aspiring to. This state of calm might be discovered in an ocean world of endless shapes, or found in a landscape that transcends eons of time.”

The influence of sea-shapes is evident in the artist’s new body of work. Florescent lacy organisms float anemone-like to the surface from the deep, while ceramic forms sprout like coral from quirkily refashioned book-boxes.

Other works in the show are playfully composed from collected ceramic shapes. Each eclectic selection of objects is gathered together in a small cluster, as if the product of a day’s find of curious shells, stones, bones and other treasures.

"In my ceramic works I have found a wonderful medium for taking my shapes and compositions out of the two dimensional realm. This has allowed me freedom to create shape without confinement.”

The exhibition of Cam Munroe’s mixed media works at Zimmerman Art Gallery runs from 1 to 31 October 2015.


Bonanza 4 (2015), fluorescent acrylic and rust paint on board, 31 x 31 cm
Colony 1 (2015), rust paint, ceramic and collage, 22 x 16 cm
Ceramic composition 6 (2015), ceramic, approximately 100 x 100 cm


colony_1_2015_22_x_16cm_rust_paint_collage_ceramic_zimm ceramic_composition_6_17_pieces_2015_zimm

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