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Auger Augur

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Graham Bennett
at Whitespace
29 Sep 2010 - 17 Oct 2010

Added by Dib Graham Bennett’s constructs serve to highlight the notion that what is important about measurement is not the measure itself but the attention paid to the problem as the result of measuring it.

Bennett's previous work has explored identity via questions such as "where have we come from?" ,and "how has the land been impacted?". His journey continues with Auger Augur now also asking "where are we going?"

Using the language of navigation and measurement his new works appear to be pieces of imprecise apparatus, reminiscent of tin toys of the past, provoking speculation re traversing the complexities of our future environment.

In the series Weighting and Waiting we see how his now familiar use of universal geometries - everpresent the gesture of the circle as marker for our place, stone, globe, zero, and here referencing a time scale with compelling emphasis on the last quadrant. No answers - but plenty of stimulation to consider, debate, determine, disagree, discover, and, in the process pose a multitude more questions.

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